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Market Reports

Our Market Reports offer real-time data, fertilizer prices, and market information encompassing the complete fertilizer value chain. They cover a wide range of topics including deals, tenders, policies, regulations, and more. We provide comprehensive coverage to ensure you have access to the latest information and insights across the fertilizer industry. Stay informed and make strategic decisions with confidence, driving your success in this ever-evolving market.

Credible price benchmarking

Extensive market coverage

Fertilizer tenders

Data Analytics

Through our Market DataBoards, you can access comprehensive data and insights to gain a deeper understanding of market trends, dynamics, and performance indicators. Our Consulting services provide expert guidance and analysis tailored to your specific needs, assisting you in making informed decisions in the complex African fertilizer market. Rely on our dependable solutions and leverage actionable intelligence to maintain a competitive edge. 

Dynamic windows

Rich database

History, present and forecasts

Industry Events

AFRIQOM Events organizes high-value gatherings, including our exclusive Club Conferences, where industry leaders, financial experts, and government representatives come together. These events offer a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among key stakeholders in the market.  AFRIQOM Events aims to facilitate meaningful interactions and discussions that drive innovation, growth, and partnerships within the industry

Decision makers

Innovative programs

Networking platform

360° reach with our 

Market Reports

At AFRIQOM, we offer market reports that dive deep into all aspects of the fertilizer value chain, from raw materials to distribution channels. Our extensive research helps you understand different aspects of the industry and identify opportunities with actionable insights.

Weekly PDF Reports

Daily Alerts

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Live markets at your fingertips with

AFRIQOM DataBoards

AFRIQOM Market Databoards offers a clear and focused view of your markets. Our user-friendly, straightforward design enables you to rapidly access the data that is most important to you. Accessible on desktop, our Market DataBoards offers an effective insight into the intricate and dynamic fertilizer market. Discover all the features that we offer. Discover all the features that we offer and unlock the full potential of your market analysis.


Consulting & Advisory

Our consulting branch leverages AFRIQOM's key strengths—expertise in the African fertilizer sector, worldwide contacts, and accurate data—to help our customers capitalize on opportunities. Our team is in charge of preserving global basics data, analytical tools, strategy reports, and pricing forecasts, which we employ in customer-specific projects.

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Network with market leaders at

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Our innovative event structure ensures that you build long-term business relationships with international and regional market leaders.  AFRIQOM Events offers a platform for discussion and networking within the fertilizer and commodity industry. Through our knowledge of the industries we serve, together with our trusted relationships, we are able to create worthwhile programs that are motivated by current topics addressed by key players in the sector. 

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