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We are independent, price neutral and fully transparent in our assessments. At Afriqom, methodology is our licence to operate and represent the market accurately, credibly and consistently, 

Our methodology is a living document, constantly updated mirroring the trade dynamics. We work closely with market participants to consult with any changes we plan to announce to the market. 

Our market information methodologies guide our editors in their communication with the market and in their assessment calculation. We contact sellers, buyers, traders, importers, agents and logistical firms to build strong and credible assessments.

In-house judgment is critical particularly in an opaque market such as Africa where data and deals are not readily available.

Data collected is handled, recorded and stored according to the most stringent procedures and regulations.

For a submitted transaction to be considered for its related index, it needs to qualify the following:

  • Product

  • Price

  • Cargo size

  • Date of loading/offloading

  • Origin/Destination

  • Product specification

  • Repeatable

  • Verifiable

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