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AFRIQOM provides fertilizer market intelligence on prices, trades and regulations in the form of weekly reports and annual analytics. We also provide consultancy studies, conferences, and events with a focus on African fertilizer markets.  

As the African continent's leader, we deliver transparency to an opaque market and contribute to the motion of the African Green Revolution.

African market focused.png

African Market Focused

Rich Database.png

Rich Database

Customized consulting.png

Customized Consulting

Mounir Halim.png

Mounir Halim

Founder & CEO

Rajaa Naamane.png

Rajaa Naamane

Conference Coordinator

Isabelle Sivadier.png

Isabelle Sivadier

Conference Manager

Thaura Bennasser.png

Thaura Bennasser

Conference, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Asmaa Ismaili.png

Asmae Ismaili

Senior Analyst & Account Executive

Ali Zita.png

Ali Zita

Graphic Designer

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