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Fortescue and OCP join forces for green ammonia, fertilizers, & more..

Fortescue and OCP join forces for green ammonia, fertilizers, & more..

9 April 2024

Green hydrogen developer and electrolyzer manufacturer Fortescue, spearheaded by iron-ore billionaire Andrew Forrest, has unveiled a 50-50 joint venture (JV) with the Moroccan phosphates giant OCP AFRICA This partnership aims to provide green hydrogen, ammonia, and ammonia-based fertilizers to Morocco, Europe, and global markets.

The partnership goal, with the cornerstone projects listed below, is to provide green hydrogen and ammonia, which can be utilized both as sources of green energy and in the production of carbon-neutral and tailored fertilizers.

The joint venture aims to establish large-scale production capacity for green ammonia and green fertilizers, incorporating renewable energy generation and electrolysis.

Additionally, it will involve the manufacturing of green technology and equipment.

An R&D and technology hub will be set up adjacent to the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir, focusing on research in renewable energy, green hydrogen, and minerals processing to support the joint venture, the ecosystem, and other stakeholders.

Collaboration on corporate venture capital funds is planned to drive investment in critical technology advancements.

AFRIQOM Market Reporter

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