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FertiStream Acquires Nutrisource to Strengthen African Agricultural Support

FertiStream Acquires Nutrisource to Strengthen African Agricultural Support

5 July 2024

FertiStream, a global trader and distributor of fertilizers, has announced a major acquisition. On June 19, 2024, they signed an agreement to acquire a 100% stake in Nutrisource PTE Ltd.
Nutrisource, a Singapore-based holding company, owns fertilizer assets in Africa, including a newly constructed fertilizer blending facility in Togo. This acquisition is a strategic move to boost local agricultural support with high-quality fertilizers tailored to regional needs.

Key highlights of the Togo facility:
* Annual Capacity: Up to 200,000 metric tons
* Innovative Facility: The plant, designed by EMT, a Dutch company specializing in blending and bagging equipment, operates with fully mechanized and automated processes. This allows it to produce in-demand fertilizer blends, including high phosphate content NPKs.
* Storage: 60,000 metric tons for raw materials and 30,000 metric tons for finished goods
* Location: The facility is located 22 km north of the port of Lome, facilitating streamlined supply to Togo and neighboring countries, including Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, Benin, and Mali.

Jacques Lubbe, CEO of FertiStream, expressed that their goal is to bridge the gap between fertilizer producers and buyers globally. He stated that through this acquisition, they can enhance their support for African agriculture by offering locally produced NPK blends that cater specifically to the unique requirements of regional crops and soils.

Imane Belrhiti, Head of Business Development for Africa & the Middle East at FertiStream, will take on the role of Chairman of the Board of the newly acquired entity. Mrs. Belrhiti, a seasoned professional with over 14 years of experience, emphasized, "Africa's agricultural potential is immense. This acquisition is a step in the right direction to unlock it."

Murari Mohan Rakshit, founder of Nutrisource, commented that FertiStream's expertise will bring immense value to Africa's agricultural market and that the Togo project will thrive under their leadership.

FertiStream DMCC continues to expand its footprint globally, with significant contributions already made to African markets, supplying close to 500,000 metric tons of mineral fertilizers in 2024 alone.

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