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AFRIQOM's reports brings you transparency and clarity in opaque markets through a mix of unique tools, strong network and deep understanding of the industry dynamics.  

AFRIQOM annual subscription includes

Fertilizer Prices

Acess to Africa and international fertilizer prices and benchmarks


Leading listing of public and  private  tenders  including prices and awards

Weekly Reports

PDF Reports emailed straight to your inbox, weekly

New Trades

Comprehensive  coverage of fertilizer trades all over the continent

Editor Access

Get direct access to AFRIQOM editors and analysts 

Daily Alerts

Detailed daily market alerts emailed to your inbox 

X-Country Exports

Cross country exports including inland shipments for all fertilizers

Data Sets

Access detailed propriotory AFRIQOM DataSets

Instant Notifications

rapid and instant market notification on WhatsApp

Whether you are interested in the African market or you are an Africa based participant, we deliver unique and rich Africa market information, business intelligence and price assessments at different locations of the value chain.


Gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic of this opaque market, follow the development of players in the region and be informed of what matters. 

Whatever your role, our coverage and targeted insights will help your business decisions.


AFRIQOM clients span the globe and cover the whole supply chain. Our subscribers include global producers, trading firms, importers, governments, associations, non-profit organisations etc...

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 AFRIQOM Market reports benefits

Dive in the statistics of imports by country and by products with access to historical data

Get rich data and analysis on logistics, a key part of the pricing structure in Africa 

Gain competitive insights and respond to emerging trends and potential

Stay on top of market developments, regulations and reforms

Be informed about tenders all over Africa on Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash products

AFRIQOM Market reports features


A weekly report published every week straight to your inbox

Price assessments and Indexes: Seaborne and Inland price benchmarks

Commodities covered: Urea, CAN, AN, NPK, DAP, TSP, MAP, MOP, SOP, Sulphur and Phosphate Rock

Daily market alerts and real-time feed to the inbox of active prices, deals, offers and market development

Instant alert notifications to your handheld devices




Alert notifications

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