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AFRIQOM's offers novel services to bolster your knowledge of African markets, its dynamics as well as global freight.


Whether you are interested in forecast or market structures or would like to dive in the details of a particular country, we have the tools to help you in your journey in the form of Africa Analytics and Databoards 


The  AFRIQOM Global Freight Analytics, a first in the industry, is a tool designed for the trading community as well ship owners. The online platform is a window of what is happening allowing sellers to detect awakening markets and shipowners to locate ports in demand to redirect vessels.

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AFRIQOM Africa Fertilizer Analytics

Annual report,  annual subscription and continuous updates 

Africa Analytics

AFRIQOM Africa Fertilizer Markets offers unique service covering different fertilizer commodities in Africa. A comprehensive dynamic report from the leaders in Africa fertilizer Intelligence giving you a detailed zoom on African markets. 


Gain competitive insights on emerging trends and potential market growths

Be informed about and prepared for future all developments in Africa: Regulations, markets, movements, developments, market sizes, players ...

Included in the Annual subscription is the AfriqStats, the unmatched data service of Africa fertilizer imports statistics.


Annual Report published every year with underlying datasheets.

Commodities covered:

Urea, CAN, AN, AmSul, NPK, DAP, TSP, MAP, MOP, SOP and Phosphate Rock

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AFRIQOM Global Freight Analytics

Online platform,  annual subscription and daily updates 

AFRIQOM Freight Analytics offers a unique service to producers, traders, importers and shipowners.


Daily access to open fertilizer freight enquires 

Commodities covered: Fertilizers, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate

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Global Freight Analytics
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AFRIQOM  Databoards

annual subscription

AFRIQOM compiled detailed data and information on key countries in Africa that will give a focused view on your markets.

Interactive proprietary Datboards brining in live market to your your finger tips 

  • market size

  • import-export 

  • suppliers and market shares

  • price history

  • importers and market shares 

  • vessel tracking - under development

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